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All you need to know about options trading

Option Volatility & PricingOption Volatility & Pricing: Advanced Trading Strategies and Techniques
by Sheldon Natenberg

Book Description: One of the most widely read books among active option traders around the world, Option Volatility & Pricing has been completely updated to reflect the most current developments and trends in option products and trading strategies.

The Option AdvisorThe Option Advisor: Wealth-Building Techniques Using Equity & Index Options
by Bernie Schaeffer

Book Description: In this book, Schaeffer offers his own carefully tested, prudent, and profitable strategies for trading options. From the novice to the experienced investor, The Option Advisor offers a gold mine of information on how to achieve success in options trading.

Options WorkbookOptions Workbook, 2E
by Anthony J. Salibag

Book Description: For all online investors and traders looking to sharpen their trading skills and increase their profits, Tony Saliba, the world's leading options trainer, shares the secrets he has used for more 20 years, first to train his own traders, then to train the traders. He explains not only the basics of options trading, but offers specific trading tactics and hands-on tools within the book and online.

Trade Options OnlineTrade Options Online
by George Fontanills

Book Description: Options are potentially one of the most profitable investment instruments available in todays intensely volatile financial markets. Just a few years ago, the information needed to exploit the vast earnings potential of options was beyond the reach of all but a handful of analysts. Now, anyone with a PC and a few basic software tools has direct access to all the up-to-the-minute market information needed to compete successfully with the "big boys." But, having information and knowing how to wield it are two very different things. In this groundbreaking book, online options trading innovator George Fontanills arms you with the knowledge and skills youneed to unleash the phenomenal power of your computer to become a successful online options trader.

The Complete Option PlayerThe Complete Option Player
by Kenneth R. Trester

Book Description: The Complete Option Player is one of the best selling options books ever. This newly updated classic will show you how to play the options game where profits of 100% or more are not unusual and where you can earn profits of 100% to 300% on any one trading day. This comprehensive book makes options easy with its witty easy-to-read style. It includes more than 20 illustrations and cartoons to ease your understanding of options trading.

The Options CourseThe Options Course Workbook (Wiley Trading)
by George A. Fontanills

Book Description: An indispensable, hands-on companion to The Options Course. In The Options Course: High Profit & Low Stress Trading Methods, renowned trader, money manager, and options trading instructor George Fontanills distills information from his highly popular seminar series to bring you an accessible and comprehensive look at options trading. In The Options Course Workbook, he offers a wealth of practical exercises that will help further your understanding, as well as test and apply what you've learned—before you take part in an actual trade. Includes a complete answer key, and covers such essentials as basic trading strategies, risk and margin, delta neutral trading, order placement, and trading techniques for range bound markets.

Profit with OptionsProfit with Options: Essential Methods for Investing Success
by Lawrence G. McMillan

Book Description: Profit with Options is a unique course book that covers every phase of the options trading process step-by-step, and then reinforces individual concepts through end-of-chapter quizzes, thereby allowing readers to refine their skills. Each chapter covers a specific concept and closes with a set of review questions and answers that will assist the reader in implementing the material covered. Focused on practical ways to profit from stock, index, and futures options, this guide covers basic to advanced concepts and includes everything you need to consistently "profit with options." Learn how to determine whether to buy options or the underlying stock, use price and volume as technical indicators, apply index options as portfolio protection, and implement powerful volatility strategies.

The Option Trader HandbookThe Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments (Wiley Trading)
by George Jabbour, Phillip Budwick

Book Description: Given the recent volatility in the markets over the past few years,there is a growing need for traders to learn how options can be used for better risk management.Using the right strategies and trade adjustments,creative investors can hedge or even boost their profits,limit their losses,and create risk-free trades. Although many investors understand how to trade stocks or options,very few know how to use options as a dynamic risk reduction and portfolio enhancement tool.Implementing these strategies requires more than just an understanding of the mechanics of trading,it requires ingenuity and imagination —as well as a comprehensive trading reference tool. Designed as a resource for intermediate to advanced traders, The Option Trader Handbook teaches both the science and the art of trade man- agement,and offers numerous strategies and tech- niques for minimizing risk and volatility.

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