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Making trading decisions and developing a sound and effective trading strategy is an important foundation of trading.

Getting Started in Forex Trading StrategiesGetting Started in Forex Trading Strategies
by Michael Archer

Book Description: An accessible guide to Forex trading that allows readers to select a strategy that matches their trading style. Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies opens with a detailed look at a select set of proven strategies and explains how they function. Readers are then shown how–and why–a particular trading style may (or may not) work with each strategy. After discussing the various trading strategies, Getting Started in Forex Trading Strategies reveals how to best implement them in real-world situations. With this book as their guide, readers will not only learn excellent Forex trading techniques, but also discover which techniques are right for them.

Day Trading the Currency MarketDay Trading the Currency Market:
Technical and Fundamental Strategies To Profit from Market Swings

by Kathy Lien

Book Description: Discover a variety of technical and fundamental profit-making strategies for trading the currency market with Kathy Lien, the Chief Currency Strategist at Forex Capital Markets LLC (FXCM). Lien describes everything from time-tested technical and fundamental strategies you can use to compete with bank traders to a host of more fundamentally-oriented strategies involving intermarket relationships, interest rate differentials, option volatility, news events, and central bank intervention.

Currency StrategyCurrency Strategy:
A Practitioner's Guide to Currency Trading, Hedging and Forecasting

by Callum Henderson

Book Description: Author provides an analytical framework for currency analysis and forecasting, combining long-term economic valuation models with market-based valuation techniques to produce a more accurate and user-friendly analytical tool for the currency market practitioners themselves. Written by a market practitioner for fellow professionals whose job is to turn the theory into practice and actually execute the currency market transaction, the book is split into three parts: 1. Theory and practice; 2. Regimes and crises; 3. The real world of the currency market practitioner.

Design, Testing, and Optimization of Trading SystemsDesign, Testing, and Optimization of Trading Systems Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis
by Robert Pardo

A practical, hands-on guide to setting up, adjusting, and trading mechanical systems that requires no computer or programming skills! Here’s everything you’ll need to develop and verify each stage of a profitable trading strategy, from formulation through testing to real-time trading. Armed with the author’s battery of easily accomplished testing and optimization techniques — many never before published — you’ll design a workable trading strategy, reliably measure its profit potential and risk, and then test it to see if it works in real-time trading. No matter what your level of trading expertise, now you can swiftly isolate and eliminate the causes of trading failure and make the decisions essential to profitable computerized trading.

Thirty Days of FOREX Trading Thirty Days of FOREX TradingThirty Days of FOREX Trading Thirty Days of FOREX Trading
by Raghee Horner

Book Description: In Thirty Days of Forex Trading, Raghee Horner—one of today's top forex traders and a master teacher of trading systems—shares her experiences in this field, by chronicling one full month of trading real money.
Part instructional guide, part trading journal, Thirty Days of Forex Trading opens with a detailed discussion of all the strategies you will see play out in the coming days—the entries, the exits, and the explanations. Here, Horner takes the time to examine the essential elements of her craft, from different trading styles (momentum, swing, and wave/CCI) and order types (stops, limits, as well as conditional orders) to time-tested indicators (trendlines, MACD, CCI, and The Wave).

Trading Currency Cross RatesTrading Currency Cross Rates:
Proven Trading Strategies from a Leading International Currency Trader and a Noted Expert on Futures and Options

by Gary Klopfenstein, Jon Stein

Book Description: The definitive guide on the topic of hedging currency cross rates and the complex strategies involved in trading them successfully. Cites analysis relevant to diverse markets and market situations in the ever-changing foreign exchange arena. Includes numerous examples, charts and tables.

Foreign Exchange PrimerThe Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies
by Jeffrey Owen Katz, Donna L. McCormick

Book Description: The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies is for traders who want to take the next step to consistently profitable trading. Authors Jeffrey Katz and Donna McCormick-themselves seasoned veterans of the commodities trading arena-pinpoint the trading methods and strategies that have been shown to produce market-beating returns.

New Trading Systems and MethodsNew Trading Systems and Methods
by Perry J. Kaufman

Book Description: For more than two decades, futures traders have turned to the classic Trading Systems and Methods for complete information about the latest, most successful indicators, programs, algorithms, and systems. Perry Kaufman, a leading futures expert highly respected for his years of experience in research and trading, has thoroughly updated this bestselling guide, adding more systems, more methods, and extensive risk analysis to keep this the most comprehensive and instructional book on trading systems today. His detailed, hands-on manual offers a complete analysis, using a systematic approach with in-depth explanations of each technique. This edition also includes a CD-ROM that contains the TradeStation EasyLanguage program, Excel spreadsheets, and Fortran programs that appear in the book.

Mechanical Trading SystemsMechanical Trading Systems Pairing Trader Psychology with Technical Analysis
by Richard L. Weissman

A wide variety of flexible trading systems that combine sophisticated technical analysis with trading psychology theory. Mechanical Trading Systems examines the development process for choosing and using mechanical trading systems in conjunction with trader psychology. This book discusses the advantages and disadvantages of mechanical trading systems; the dangers in system development and how to avoid them; the optimal methods for back-testing trading systems; position sizing and other risk quantification tools; and methods of improving rates of return on investments without significantly increasing risk. Most importantly, through a detailed examination of various types of unsuccessful trader personality traits (e.g., fearfulness, greed, and impatience), the book recommends different types of trading systems for a diverse array of trader types.

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