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  Elliott Wave Theory

Theory named after Ralph Nelson Elliott, who concluded that the movement of the stock market could be predicted by observing and identifying a repetitive pattern of waves. Based on rhythms found in nature, the theory suggests that the market moves up in a series of five waves and down in a series of three waves.

Elliott Wave PrincipleElliott Wave Principle: Key to Market Behavior
by Robert R. Prechter Jr., A. J. Frost

Book Description: The Bible of Elliott Wave from the pioneer in wave analysis now at the lowest price ANYWHERE. Covers basic principles, details theory and application of concepts including: Fibonacci numbers, ratio analysis, time sequence, cyclic analysis, Kondratieff wave and more. "Award of Excellence" - Technical Analyst Assoc.

Mastering Elliot WaveMastering Elliot Wave: Presenting the Neely Method
by Glenn Neely, Eric Hall

Book Description: Provides the most complete explanation of Elliott Wave Theory available. The concepts are presented logically in a step-by-step approach that removes the guesswork from wave counting. If you're in the search of the "magical" key indicator(s), this book is not for you, since there's not even a word about the technical indicators, but when you finish studying the book, you will see that you don't need to look for an indicator.

Elliott Wave TheoryApplying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably
by Steven W. Poser

Book Description: In Applying Elliott Wave Theory Profitably author Steven Poser shows readers how to trade using Elliott Wave Theory-a powerful technical analysis tool used to forecast the stock market-through easy-to-follow trading strategies, while offering clear explanations on how to interpret this method's numerous patterns. Step-by-step guidance breaks down the Elliott Wave Theory and provides strategies that a trader can put into action along with a complete explanation of how and why the Elliott Wave Theory works.

Profit Elliott Wave TradesHow to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time
by Myles Wilson Walker

Book Description: A guide to discovering any market's Elliot Wave Trades, as they take shape, rather than on hindsight, as the famous theory originally emphasized. Shows any trader how to take advantage of the Elliot Wave Trade theory in real time, how to force the market to reveal its reliable big move trades.

Elliott's MasterworksThe Complete Elliott Wave Writings of A. Hamilton Bolton (Hardcover)
by Robert R. Prechter, Arthur Hamilton Bolton

Book Description: As consultants to banks, insurance companies, pension funds, investment trusts and private investors, Bolton, Tremblay & Company had under their supervision assets exceeding a quarter billion dollars. Bolton's 1967 book, Money and Investment Profits, is a classic of fundamental research, and his technical expertise in applying the Wave Principle was unparalleled during his lifetime. In 1987, the Financial Analysts Federation presented to A. Hamilton Bolton posthumously the Nicholas Molodovsky Award, the Federation's highest honor.

Elliott's MasterworksR.N. Elliott's Masterworks
by R. N. Elliott, R. N. Major Works of R.N. Elliott Elliott, Robert Rougelot Prechter, Robert R., Jr. Prechter (Editor)

Book Description: Elliott's Masterworks is an excellent resource for those interested in Elliott Wave, R.N. Elliott himself, and how his knowledge and understanding of this principle progressed and came into being. But if you are interested in learning the Wave Principle itself and do not care much about history and the larger scheme of things, then just read the blue book entitled "Elliott Wave Principle" - it is much more up to date and refined than Elliott's original masterworks.

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